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8/15/2022 City Council Meeting
 Call to Order/Roll Call
 Agenda Approval
  1. City Manager's Proposed Collective Bargaining Ordinance
 CLOSED SESSION as provided by Sections 2.2-3711 and 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code (Boards and Commissions)
 Moment of Silence
  Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville Centennial
[Collapse]Consent Agenda*
  2. July 18 Council meeting
  3. 415 10th Street NW, Rezoning from R-1S to B-2 (2nd reading)
  4. 415 and 415-B 10th Street NW - Designation of Property as an Individually Protected Property (2nd reading)
  5. Refund of Business License Tax - $5,719.45 (1 of 2 readings)
  6. Virginia Homeless Solutions Program (V.H.S.P.) Grant Award - $539,369 (1 of 2 readings)
[Collapse]City Manager Report
  August Update
 Community Matters
[Collapse]Action Items
 [Collapse]7. Preston Place Utility Easements
   a. Vacating existing public utility easements and altering the right-of-way boundary line for Preston Place 
   b. Accepting a dedication and conveyance of an additional 1,227 square feet of public street right-of-way to be added to Preston Place
  8. Belmont Bridge Replacement Project – Appropriation of $2,697,398 (1 of 2 readings)
 [Collapse]9. Honorary Street Designation requests
   a. Dr. Alvin Edwards Drive (1 reading)
   b. Vinegar Hill Boulevard (1 reading)
  10. Amend City Code Section 30-6 to increase the  threshold under which the City Treasurer may issue a refund for an erroneous assessment without direction from Council (1 of 2 readings)
  11. Request for Vacation of Unaccepted Right-of-Way for Oak Street at 321 6th Street (2nd reading deferred from 7/18/22)
  12. 1000 Monticello Road, Special Use Permit for additional residential density (1 reading deferred from 7/18/22)
  13. American Rescue Plan Fund Allocations (2nd reading)
 General Business
 Other Business
 Community Matters (2)