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9/6/2022 City Council Meeting
 Call to Order/Roll Call
 Agenda Approval
  1. Airport Authority update
  2. Youth JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) and Climate Justice Ambassadors report on public transportation
  3. Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail update
 CLOSED SESSION as provided by Sections 2.2-3711 and 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code (Boards and Commissions)
 Moment of Silence
  Cyndi Richardson, recipient of the Dr. Fred Frese Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) People with Mental Illness Lived Experience of the Year Award by CIT International
  Dr. Alvin Edwards Day (presented August 27)
  Minority Business Alliance 10 year anniversary
  International Day of Democracy
[Collapse]Consent Agenda*
  4. June 21 Council meeting, August 1 Council meeting
  5. Refund of Business License Tax - $5,719.45 (2nd reading)
  6. Virginia Homeless Solutions Program (V.H.S.P.) Grant Award - $539,369 (2nd reading)
  7. Belmont Bridge Replacement Project – Appropriation of $2,697,398 (2nd reading)
  8. Amending City Code Section 30-6 to increase the  threshold under which the City Treasurer may issue a refund for an erroneous assessment without direction from Council (2nd reading)
  9. United Way reimbursement of Community Resource Hotline Staff Costs - $26,333.76 (1 of 2 readings)
[Collapse]City Manager Report
  September update
 Community Matters
[Collapse]Action Items
  10. City Manager's Proposed Collective Bargaining Ordinance (1 of 2 readings)
  11. For consideration of ending the Locally-declared State of Emergency for COVID-19 (1 reading)
  12. Endorsing the application of the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail Authority for a Community Based Corrections Plan Needs Assessment and Planning Study (1 reading)
  13. Repealing Sec. 15-36 through Sec. 15-38 of the Charlottesville City Code to Eliminate Local Vehicle License Fees for Certain Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Semi-Trailers (1 reading)
  14. Approval of the Fifth Amended Grant Agreement, Charlottesville Supplemental Rental Assistance Program (CSRAP) (1 reading)
  15. Appropriating $675,000 in Charlottesville Supplemental Rental Assistance program (CSRAP) Funding (FY23) for use in acquisition of property (1 of 2 readings)
  16. Appropriating $107,203.32 for Jefferson School African American Heritage Center Rent Agreement (1 of 2 readings)
 General Business
 Other Business
 Community Matters (2)