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11/21/2022 City Council Meeting
 Call to Order/Roll Call
 Agenda Approval
  1. UVA Center for Survey Research Presentation of 2022 Employee Survey
  2. Jefferson Area Community Criminal Justice Board (CCJB) Annual Report
 CLOSED SESSION pursuant to Sections 2.2-3711 and 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code (TBD)
 Moment of Silence
 Board/Commission Appointments
[Collapse]Consent Agenda*
  3. October 3 meeting
  4. Appropriating Insurance Reimbursement in the amount of  $4,650.55 - Fire Department Truck Company 9  (2nd reading)
  5. Appropriating Funds for 2022 Bureau of Justice Assistance FY22 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Grant Program - Local Solicitation - $23,459 (2nd reading)
  6. Appropriating funds from the Victim Witness Assistance Program Grant - $257,024 (2nd reading)
  7. Amending Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 2022-2023 Substantial Action Plan - $178,394.34 (2nd reading)
  8. Amending Chapter 12 of the City Code to Require Fire Inspection Reports (2nd reading)
  9. Amending the Charlottesville Human Rights Ordinance, Code of the City of Charlottesville, Chapter 2, Article XV (2nd reading)
  10. Approving and appropriating grant funds for Virginia Department of Education Special Nutrition Program - Child and Adult Care Food Program - $50,000 (1 of 2 readings)
  11. Approving the Appointment of an Emergency Management Coordinator (1 reading)
 City Manager Report
 Community Matters
[Collapse]Action Items
  12. Extending Due Date for Payment of 2nd-half Local Taxes (1 reading)
[Collapse]General Business
  13. Food Equity Initiative Annual Report FY 22 (written report)
 Other Business
 Community Matters (2)